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Milk is our mission. So we know how valuable its ingredients are. We have adapted our ingredients to the precise needs of our industrial customers. Thanks to this process, we do not only increase the nutritional value of a product, but we also improve its functionality and quality.

Our DMK ingredients

DMK Ingredients Milch­pulver Butter Käse Sahne Kon­dens­milch Frisch­käse Fermen­tierte Produkte Kon­zen­trate

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A vast spectrum of B2B solutions

DMK Ingredients uses its own raw material to manufacture products for industrial processing. The result is a vast product portfolio, which includes both condensed milk, cream and butter, as well as powder and cheese. Our ingredients are mainly used for: confectionary (chocolate), baked goods (croissants), convenience food (pizza, delicacies), sports nutrition (energy bars) and baby food.

The agile subsidiaries DP Supply and wheyco complete the portfolio.

DP Supply deals with ingredients for baked goods, soups, sauces and snacks, hot and cold beverages, meat products and ice cream. The new highlights include whipping emulsifiers for applications such as Chantilly cream or desserts, foamers for cappuccinos and other Italian specialities, as well as cold-soluble fat powders and creamers.

wheyco focuses on the development and production of highly concentrated whey proteins, as well as lactose and permeate, and provides applications in baby food and sports nutrition as well as for the beverage, baked goods, meat and dairy industries. The instant beverages sector in the health and sports nutrition industry in particular is an important future market segment for wheyco.

A world of good taste

We fulfil our customers’ needs for a pure taste, a pleasant mouthfeel or a specific product colour – tailor-made to suit the customer’s wishes. As well as the portfolio for the European market, we also offer a product range geared towards export.

“We see ourselves as a market-oriented solution provider for whey- and milk-based products for key international customers. To this end, we are expanding the proportion of profitable value-added products in our portfolio."

Alexander Godow, COO of Business Unit Industry

At the cutting edge – together.

In a world that is constantly changing, industrial customers need a flexible and competent partner by their side. By networking and sharing our areas of expertise and working together across teams, we can quickly respond to changing market conditions or trends. This means not only benefitting from our experience, but also receiving comprehensive advice and market-oriented and tailor-made solutions.

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